People Powered Parade with a Prize // April 21, 11–1pm

We believe that every celebration can benefit from a parade. This is a way to reclaim our streets and celebrate with communities. Parades unclog the arteries of our cities and open the flow of communication. People leave their homes to line the streets or join the procession. Inhabitants walk together in reclaimed streets creating instant connections between our disconnected paths.

A/WAY, formerly ABQ Sprout, extended our meal-based micro granting dinners to a parade format, where the people of New Mexico shared their message and competed for a $1,000 micro grant. A/WAY is a micro-granting organization for creative projects that benefit New Mexico. Junkado was our inaugural people powered performance parade. Held in conjunction with the annual Celebrate the Earth Fest held at La Montinita Co-op this event allowed local organizations and individuals to celebrate their creativity and voice.

At the end of our parade two of our groups performed for a $1,000 micro-grant created by donations from A/WAY and the parade participant’s registration. Typically at our micro-granting dinners, winners are chosen by the participants. With Junkado we left the judging up to our two performing groups and they mutually decided to generously share the micro-grant between their two organizations; Animal Humane NM and Duke City Classic, a local month long bike celebration.

We celebrated the earth by celebrating each other and created an annual tradition that will inspire others to dance for their passions, create art out of forgotten materials and creatively connect with our community.

Photos courtesy of Eric J. Martinez

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